Shakun Maheshwari

I create art that reflects my experiences without being bound to particular mediums; my art reflects my passion to create in the moment. I am a photographer, a graphic designer, a henna artist, a painter, and a textile artist, to name a few.


Photography for me is two things. It is a reflection of my love of nature and trying to capture the divine feeling of particular places. It is also a way of telling a story – a story of my travels or story of the people I encounter. Sometimes it is most enjoyable to provoke a story – the story of “what is that picture” or “how did you get this image”.


In my artwork I aim to create pieces that are a mesh of my Indian heritage and my current life - a mesh of folk art and graphic design, traditional styles with modern materials, impermanent with permanent. While I often teach and demonstrate the traditional techniques of henna, rangoli, and batik – I enjoy applying the designs and techniques in inventive ways. 

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