Lonnie Broden

Artists statement

Most any subject inspires me to paint, from a bowl of strawberries on a table to the symbolic Eiffel tower.  But, to me painting is not an end in itself; painting is the first step in creating images that are a blend of the best photography can offer with the very human elements of impressionist painting.  Together these elements present an image that is at once familiar to most people but full of contrasts, movement, patterns, and color that invite you to explore and discover.



As a girl growing up on a farm I spent time drawing and eventually painting, then in 1968, I finished an art degree at the University of Minnesota, Morris and began my exhibit design career at the Lawrence hall of Science in Berkeley where I concurrently received a California Teaching Credential.  My art career and my exhibit design career came together a dozen years ago when I, using computer software, blended one of my paintings with digital photographs.  I found the images intriguing and without limitations.

In 2005 I joined the art fair circuit while continued my job as the Head of Exhibit Design at the Science Museum of Minnesota. After 25 years, I left that job in 2008 to pursue, full-time my art career.  Today I am part of several juried art shows and gallery shows, a solo show at the MSP airport and I have committed to 8 art fairs around the Twin cities metro area.  My work is part of many private, corporate and public collections, including the University of Minnesota, Morris, Mother Baby Center in Minneapolis and Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota.

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